Bring on the Sunshine!


Spring is almost upon us, which means everything outdoors! Whether you want to run for days or hike for miles, we have footwear for it all! Hiking can be muddy and wet, but with the right shoes, there shall be no soggy feet to be seen! We have awesome brands at Brown's Shoe Fit Co. that fits this exact profile.

Keen and Oboz have several waterproof models that have technology focusing on stability for hiking or extreme walking. Keen has: Explore, Targhee, Terradora, and Durand! Oboz has: Mesa, Bridger, Sapphire, and Sawtooth! Both of these brands offer low (shoe) and mid (boot) rise footwear! But it all depends on the size of the puddles you jump in right?

Even though we are located in the city, there are SO many trails in the area to explore!

Great Western Trail stretches a total of 19 miles throughout the Des Moines area and surrounding communities. Fun fact, the trail runs where the railways operated through the city from 1892 to 1968

High Trestle Trail is roughly a 25 mile drive from Ankeny, but the sights are worth it! This trail connects five communities and four different counties. The infamous bridge is 1/2 mile long and 13-stories high towering over the Des Moines River between Madrid and Woodward! There are lights that illuminate the entire length of the bridge at dusk, so what's not to love!

Last but not least is Brown's Woods (which is obviously our favorite)! This is the largest urban forest preservation in Iowa with a total of 486 acres. This preservation allows patrons to collect foods such as nuts, fruits, and edible mushrooms to cook the best meals at home! Isn't that considered locally sourced?

Come on in and see what fits best for all the adventures ahead! Have a great weekend everyone!

Brown's Shoe Fit Co.


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