Getting Active with Taos

Holla! it's Friday (again)!

We'd like to chat with you about a brand named Taos. Their shoes are designed in Southern California and produced around the world in countries such as Spain and Portugal. The brand name "Taos" is tied to its namesake city of Taos, New Mexico based on the serenity, artistic nature, and casual lifestyle. 

The focus of today is going to be on the Active collection! With spring on the way, light, breathable shoes are a definite go-to when it's not quite warm enough for sandals!

Starting with the footbed, Taos has uncanny heel support providing balance and stability, which is a no brainer since your heels support over 55% of your total body weight!

Curves under the Arch support hugs the middle of your foot to allow proper circulation and prevent swelling throughout the day. Arch support coincides with the curvature to form the inside of your foot and help prevent any pronation and/or supination with the gait of your feet!

Metatarsal support is a huge factor in reducing fatigue. By alleviating pressure on the ball of your foot, not only are your feet less fatigued, but your entire skeletal structure is now less stressed after a long day! Who doesn't want less stress in their life, am I right?

On the under side of the footbed are pods creating a field of firm, shock absorbing elements that give way to a great amount of cushioning!

Now to the fun part, the styles! In the Active collection we have:

- Court
- Dandy
- EZ Soul
- Forward
- Moc Star
- Onward
- Plim Soul
- Plim Soul Lux
- Retro Star
- Rubber Soul
- Star
- Star Burst
- Starsky (Men's)
- Union,
- Upward
- Winner
- Z Soul

PHEW! These styles offer multiple colorways from solid colors, to cute daisy print! Feel free to have a little look see on the Taos tab under Women's!

Have a great weekend guys!

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