Keeping pants up and bellies full. That's the mission.

Hello August!

Belts are essential in the clothing world for both fashion and functionality, but they never seem to last. A newer brand named Mission has introduced an incredible design! Zac Holzapfel and Jeff Jensen are the founders of said design and have reached beyond the waist, but let's talk about the main course and we'll get to the desert after.

This belt now excludes traditional hole patterns so no wear or stretched out tearing occurs. Mission belts adjust every 1/4" unlike traditional belts that only have holes every 1”. One of many quality features about these belts is the buckle. A quick release lever on the bottom of the buckle allows discreet adjustability after that amazing Thanksgiving meal that you definitely ate too much of! Mix and Match belts and buckles in different widths that are available in 35mm and 40mm. Just remember to keep both the same width (35mm won't fit on 40mm)!

With the purchase of a Mission belt not only are you getting a great product, but you are supporting an AMAZING cause and effect. The Mission has $1 from every sale donated to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. An infamous quote is mentioned on their website:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  A lot of people know how to fish, they just can't afford the nets.

The purpose of this is so uplifting and positive because it states that every single person is capable of greatness, but no one can do it alone Which is why we need to be great together. This makes me tear up knowing there is faith in humanity! The company also offers micro-lending loans through their partner company, Kiva, ranging from $25-$500 to help entrepreneurs reach their goals in starting their own business or gaining the capital they need. This lending has reached more than 79 nations and given more than 210,000 unique loans!

Let's talk about the logo. Birds have been used throughout history to deliver important messages internationally. Often times birds are a sign of peace and prosperity. The Mission Bird is delivering aid worldwide to those striving for better in this wild adventure called life! Throughout the chaos of this world there are so many people and businesses working together to support one another rather than competing, and that is very humbling!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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