Pik of the Crop

Happy Fall Y'all!

With the weather cooling off we can now welcome fall fashion boots (internal happy scream)!

Pikolinos has a very modern take, "Another World is Possible", on how they produce their shoes/boots and the resources they use. Sustainability is a commitment not only to the world, but to society as well. With this way of thinking Pikolinos created a foundation in 2009 named Pikolinos Solidarity. This foundation has worked alongside more than 1,000 organizations and sent direct aid to more than 347,333 people. 

Renewable sources are the only energy source used within Pikolinos production, and all of the boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard. There is absolutely no plastics within the company and in July 2021 Pikolinos was congratulated for being 100% neutral in carbon emissions at manufactures in Asia and Spain.

When I buy shoes I don't look for what's "trendy" or the "in style". I want to proud of what I wear and of the outcomes from the brand that give back to people and the earth. Pikolinos has perfected this strategy and intend to continue this positive growth!

Have a great weekend!

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