The Nitty Gritty about ON Cloudnova

Happy Friday Y'all!

We are going to talk about the BRAND NEW Cloudnova from ON, and everything these shoes have to offer!

Next generation connected CloudTec® is integrated to cushion impact with each step, which means improved pressure distribution and increased contact area. 

The bespoke Speedboard™ found between the midsole and your foot converts energy from landing (when your foot hits the ground) into forward motion, like a spring.

Combining CloudTec® with the bespoke Speedboard™, Cloudnova creates a rolling motion similar to your natural stride giving you less abrasive movements.

Rubber reinforcements support that natural rolling motion, along with providing advanced traction on intense surfaces.

Cloudnova took a chance with a new low-mid collar height, giving reassured comfort and a protective feel to the ankle without restricting movement.

The engineered mesh upper is highly-breathable with strategic weaving for fortification, and pairs amazingly with the inner sock construction and a redesigned tongue piece. Basically, it gives you the feel of having a shoe within a shoe, which is mind blowing we know!

This shoe a limited edition, making us even more lucky to have it in the Brown's Shoe Fit Co. family and hopefully in yours!

Grab yours quick, they won't be here long!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Brown's Shoe Fit Co.

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