Rieker L8802-80 Lace-Up Shoes Women's

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Rieker antistress shoes aren’t just a fashionable accessory. With their functional features, they offer much more than that. Every Rieker shoe incorporates the unique construction techniques required to achieve the antistress features that make Rieker shoes stand out. Lightweight and elastic components help create the features that define the antistress shoe, footwear that isn’t just an addition to your look but helps you through your day.

Unlike athletic shoes, which are primarily designed for high performance over a shorter period, Rieker antistress shoes determine success by how you feel in everyday life when wearing them.

Are Rieker shoes suitable for your feet?

If you've experienced foot pain due to injury or a busy lifestyle, the last thing you need is a pair of shoes that exacerbate the problem. Rieker shoes are designed with functional features that provide support without adding strain, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Our lightweight designs will help you reduce the strain and fatigue on your toes, soles and heels by giving you plenty of room to get comfortable and supporting your feet with extra mobility and rigid soles.

Rieker Ladies Shoes - Lace-Up
  • Width: F
  • Heel Height: 34mm
  • Lining:
  • Sole: Light PU sole
  • Removable Insole: No

Are Rieker shoes comfortable?

Antistress shoes are designed with comfort as the primary goal, helping you enjoy your day without unnecessary hassle on your feet. All Rieker shoes are lightweight, soft, and flexible to reduce the discomfort you may feel when wearing other footwear. 

Our shoes offer ample room, preventing your feet from feeling cramped or distorted to fit the shoe's shape. Instead, the shoe adapts to your feet, guaranteeing a comfortable fit every time. Whether you need formal footwear for the office or boots for a long-distance journey, our antistress technology ensures you'll experience maximum comfort.

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