Ralyn WC4 Wellness White Men&

Ralyn WC4 Wellness White Men's


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  • OrthoSleeve Wellness Socks are created to provide a durable and soft sock, perfect for those with sensitive feet. The lightweight design provides the support needed while keeping the feet healthy.
  • Designed for the left and right foot to provide the perfect fit. The specially shaped toe and heel pockets are knitted to confirm proper placement. Seamless construction and contoured padding offer comfort where your feet need it most.
  • The Wellness Socks are offered in both a regular and wide version. The wide sock allows for more stretch and provides a comfortable fit to those with wide feet or swelling.
  • Designed to help those that suffer from sensitive feet, excess swelling, and numbness. The light compression helps provide the support your feet need and promote healthier feet and skin.
  • Made of superior quality, moisture-wicking fabric which allows the socks to breathe during movement. They promote freshness and help keep the feet dry during wear creating a healthier environment for your feet.

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